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About FIZ

FIZ is an interactive curriculum designed for soft skills, emotional intelligence, and leadership development, an approach that puts the principles and techniques of improvisational theater to work in non-theatrical venues such as corporations, academic institutions, organizations, and professional groups.

Through participating in improv and theater activities, exercises and games, participants develop vital professional skills. It is a part of the growing international wave of nontraditional, arts-based educational programs helping people become better at—and happier with—what they do.

FIZ Programs

Authentic and Dynamic Communication

How do you bring out the most vivid and honest parts of who you are? This program focuses on self awareness, conveying the importance of your message, and techniques for developing and maintaining self confidence. In addition, participants get better at paying attention and listening to others.

Navigating the Creative Process

Innovation, adaptation, and problem solving all depend on and are products of the creative process. But how do individuals and groups feel comfortable in and get better at this mysterious and challenging process. This program strives to demystify creativity for participants and to get them to recognize their own creative potential as well as the differences between creativity and artistry.

Thinking on Your Feet

The essence of improvising is thinking on your feet, reacting in the moment. Participants become more present and responsive by learning techniques for focusing on the moment and recognizing and preventing the barriers that keep them out of the moment.

Seeing the Person Behind the Job

Participants play in this team building program so they can work together better. It’s hard not to see the humanity of others when you’re laughing and creating with them. This program is especially valuable for groups that must work together via phone or internet because it creates a common experience that puts a face and person behind the voice or e-mail.

Customized Experiences

Where do you and your group want to go? Together we can design a mixture of the above programs or design one that addresses the issues your group is facing.

FIZ programs are experiential and focus on discussion rather than lecture. Their length is tailored to your desires, from 30-minute interactive presentations to in-depth seminars, retreats, and courses that can last anywhere from two hours to two weeks or even a semester, depending on your goals. And FIZ comes to you. All that’s needed is a room with chairs and space in which to move. I am the lead instructor and can bring qualified assistants, if needed, to work with groups of almost any size.


Do you want to become better at and more confident in communication, creativity, and being yourself? FIZ offers coaching for individuals. We listen to where you are and where you want to go and help you make the transitions you need to make. It’s not a cult or snake oil and we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. The same benefits FIZ offers to groups can also be delivered to you in a safe, intensive, private setting.

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