Putting Improv to Work, a new book by Greg Hohn

Putting Improv to Work, a new book by Greg Hohn

Improv is an art form in which participants act and respond in the present, trusting that each thoughtful action will lead to a wonderful outcome—even if it isn’t the intended result. In this book, the principles and practices of unscripted theater are applied to...
The Man with the Burnt Face

The Man with the Burnt Face

Dad was watching Lon Chaney in The Phantom of the Opera, the black-and-white 1925 film, on our black-and-white 1965 TV. This was not a family evening, just Dad relaxing with a Salem menthol or two after supper and a hard day’s work. I watched a little bit of the movie...

Respect Everyone. Fear No One.

“Respect everyone. Fear no one.” I love this saying, which I first heard in reference to bicycle racing. The rider shows up for a race or a ride and sees the other riders. That rider might take some riders too lightly based on appearances and be unpleasantly...

Being Better than Not-Bad

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. -Lord Chesterfield One of the assignments for students in my FIZ courses is making a one-minute spontaneous speech about something that is important to them as individuals. I refer to this as the “passionate...

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